A-CAN was created to bring together professionals that were previously members of an African Caribbean Society at any UK university. Over the last 10 years we have kept a record of former African Caribbean Society (ACS) Presidents, committees, and society members to create a comprehensive list of over 20,000 black professionals within England, Scotland, and Wales. A-CAN will act as a UK version of a fraternity for former ACS members and those seeking to support the progression of the UK’s African Caribbean communities.

The official launch of A-CAN took place alongside our annual Great Debate Finale on Tuesday 21st November at the House of Commons. Before the debate unfolded, individuals were awarded with certificates for their demonstrable excellence during the debate tours.

The final panel included: Diane Abbott MP, Sophie Chandauka, Ije Nwokorie, Lorraine Wright & Kalm Paul-Christian.


Starting this journey with 20,000 African Caribbeans – making A-CAN the largest network of its kind from day one. The ambition is to reach 200,000 black professionals, a critical mass that cannot be ignored. This is why we launched at a time when so many are calling for a stronger community voice and a place where they can play their part.

Hearing so often through chairing debates during Black History Month is that progress has been made, but not enough and not at the right pace. All communities that have achieved success ultimately take on a degree of ownership, have a collective will and are organised. Their voice is heard regardless of who the government of the day is and they don’t just fight for better equality, they demand it.

We have the first black female Member of Parliament, the Chair of the Women & Equality Committee, the Chair of Oxford University ACS and many other stakeholders who will play a vital role in making this movement a success. A-CAN is not about one person, one political party or one sector. It is not an opportunity to make someone more famous, to advance one’s ambitions or to isolate those not wishing to enter the commercial world. What will make this movement special will be that every professional looking to play their part in moving the African Caribbean community forward will have a home.

Let’s make history.


The A-CAN data team has today released the latest analysis of our network. Key features include: A-CAN’s core members, network members and engagement. Please click below to view the full analysis.

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A-CAN brings together professionals that were previously members of an African Caribbean Society at any UK university.

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